The Power of We

What is S2 Collaborative?

S2 Collaborative uses the power of collaboration to help our clients develop success strategies. Critical elements of the supply chain are hiring, training, use of resources and data to enhance your deliverables and impact your bottom line. We specialize in:

  • Workforce Management Solutions
    • Staffing and Recruiting
    • Sales Training
    • Website Development
    • Diversity and Inclusion Training
    • Performance Management Training
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Sales Tools
    • CRM Customer Relationship Management
    • SMP – Sales Management Process
    • SCM- Sales Cycle Management
  • SHRM Certified

Honoring 40+ years of experience in Sales and Management services!

"I have always believed that none of us is smarter than all of us. The solutions we create together are greater than any one person’s input."
Stephen Smith
Servant Leader

Our services

Workforce Management

Staffing and Recruiting in the construction and IT space

Business Development

Account management, sales strategies, closing technique and negotiations

Which is most important to your business right now?

At any given moment one if not all, of these sections of your company will be exceedingly important. We have the experience and capabilities to handle all of these tasks at any given moment.

Workforce Management Solutions
Staffing and Recruiting
Sales Training and Strategy
Business Development

We Work With You!

We at S2 Collaborative believe in diversity and teamwork. To make a company excel, you must see the world from all angles – remember none of us is greater than all of us!

What can we work on together?

Let’s collaborate

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